At 17, Greg D’Angelo Teamed up with New York City Metal Band Anthrax and played on the bands earliest recordings. Anthrax established a relationship with Megaforce Records and was a part of Metallica’s first east coast tour.  After Anthrax’ performed a series of dates with New York City’s metal band Cities, Greg was invited to join the later and agreed citing the talent of guitarist Steve Mironovich as his reason for doing so. Greg went on to play w Cities for a number of years.

After playing in and around New York City, Greg answered an ad in the Village Voice and won the spot as the drummer for up and coming Brooklyn based White Lion.  White Lion spent years touring the east coast, building a following and ultimately signed with Atlantic Records. Their debut album pride was certified Multi Platinum and contained multiple top 40 singles. White Lion embarked on a 2 year world tour to support “Pride” performing with Kiss, Aerosmith, ACDC, Ozzy Osbourne amongst others.  Their second album “Big Game” yielded the cover of Golden Earing’s “Radar Love” which achieved number 1 status on MTV and remains the only number 1 video to feature a drum solo.

Overlapping and upon his departure from White Lion Greg started playing with Zakk Wylde and played with Wylde for five years at which point Greg decided to put his energies behind the console.  He owned and operated a multi room recording facility in Los Angeles that played host to, amongst others Michael Jackson, Madonna and Motorhead as well as hundreds of others. In addition to being a highly sought-after session drummer, recording with countless artists throughout his career, Greg continues to Produce and record artist from both his facility and outside studios.

Since 2010 Greg has been in Stephen Pearcy’s of Ratt solo band. He recently recorded the “Smash” album with Pearcy and has continued to tour with him.

Citing John Bonham, Cozy Powell, Tony Williams and Buddy Rich as some of his favorite drummers, Greg is excited to become part of the Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp!